Our Logo


When we created our logo, we wanted to make it have meaning and reflect our brand for what it stood for. Companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to create unique and eye-catching logos that define their values. We took a very simple approach and spent 30 minutes, a bit of brain-storming and some tweaking on photoshop and voila!  For those reading, you’ll be one of the few to understand the hidden meaning behind our logo! Yippee!

ImPaper stands for Impact Paper. Every paper product purchased goes towards making an impact on the world.

  • The yellow circle is the sun that encompasses a meaning of a new day, in which life springs forward full of opportunities – opportunities for us to create a brighter future together
  • The bird symbolizes freedom, dreams and hope, which is what we strive to achieve for people through ImPaper
  • The heart epitomizes love, unity and cohesion. We hope to share our vision and mission with everyone, so together we can make a difference in this world

The next time you look at a logo, try and see if you can unravel any meaning behind it. There’s hundreds of logos we encounter everyday, yet we don’t take the time to try and identify some key features of their logo!