Why Coloring is Good for You


Sure, there’s lots of talk absout the benefits of color therapy. But how often do we stop and think about how our health can be improved by adding color into our lives? Read on for a detailed look at some seriously awesome benefits that coloring has to offer — and how you can use the incredibly popular IMPAPER Color Me Cards collection to improve your health today.

  1. Coloring can reduce stress and anxiety.

Studies have shown that coloring can reduce stress and anxiety through calming the amygdala (the fear center of your brain that controls your fight or flight reflexes) through eliminating racing thoughts in a restless mind. It also can be a meditative exercise where it draws attention away from ourselves. By focusing on coloring intricate patterns and designs, it gives the mind something else to focus on instead of ourselves and our worries.

  1. Coloring can bring you back to your childhood.

Coloring can also bring us back to fond memories from our childhood when we were carefree and could do something because we wanted to. Tapping into this time can take individuals out of stresses even for a few hours, which allows for the individual to recuperate and take a break from their current stresses.

  1. Coloring utilizes different areas of your brain.

Another benefit coloring can bring is that it utilizes different areas of our brains, where it helps with problem solving and organizational skills while enhancing our focus and concentration. Coloring also utilizes both hemispheres of our brain. When we activate the analytical part of the brain when using logic to choose a color for a pattern, we also activate the creative side of our brain when we choose to mix and match certain colors and patterns. This also works in junction with our cerebral cortex which controls our vision and helps with coordination and fine motor skills.

Coloring for adults is a fun, stress-free activity that can be done anywhere. And it’s no surprise that people are turning to this form of therapy to help them stay cool under pressure. The therapeutic benefits of coloring have been proven time and time again, and now you can take out your pencils (or crayons or markers) and color the IMPAPER Color Me Cards Collection. Check out our collection today!