How to Write the Perfect Birthday Card


So, you have bought the perfect birthday card, and now you’re wondering what to write in it. Well, we’ve been there too. We have scoured the web and have compiled some of our favorite messages into one easy-to-read guide, so you can write the perfect message for your loved ones this year.

General Happy Birthday Messages

  • Special days for special people call for the most special celebrations. Happy birthday!
  • You’re so special to me that I didn’t even need Facebook to remind me it was your birthday!
  • It’s your birthday – TREAT YO’SELF!
  • Wishing the most wonderful birthday to my most wonderful friend!
  • Birthdays are just like glazed donuts. Sometimes it’s better not to remember how many you’ve had!
  • You’re bound to have a Happy Birthday – it’s in the cards! (Especially this one.) Have a great day!
  • There’s something really special about your birthday… and I’m pretty sure it’s you!
  • The world is so lucky to have you in it – here’s to a wonderful year ahead!
  • Hope you know what a gift you are to the world (and to me!)
  • Your birthday is the perfect time to remind you what a wonderful person you are.
  • One of the best parts of our friendship is celebrating you. You’re the best!
  • Most things don’t get better with age. Except you.