we ♥ independent designers

We support designers by providing a platform to kickstart up-and-coming artists and showcase their work.

Anna Schroeder

Part web designer part hand-letterer, I’m always thinking up another idea to craft into a peppy, textured, and bold message.

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Vivian Liang

I’m an illustrator from the Greater Toronto Area who enjoys working with both digital and traditional mediums. I love drawing illustrations of food and my dogs with cute, quirky faces!

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Danielle Gloeckler

I’m an illustrator and ceramicist working on Vancouver Island, BC. My work reflects the playful, colourful and imperfect spaces I find myself inspired by daily.

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Nhi Dam

I’m  a full-time designer, part-time server and occasional photographer. I love working with type and images, and exploring different illustration styles.

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our in-house designers

The core people who develop the IMPAPER line of cards featuring fun and puntastic designs.

Jalyse Puk

I illustrate greeting cards, design promotional material, and do a lot of other crazy cool things as a graphic designer.

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Christine Phan

I started IMPAPER out of my passion for design, stationery, and giving back!

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