Giving back is at the ❤️ of our business

Designed to change lives.

our mission.

Our mission is to empower others to make an impact for those in need around the world by giving a card that gives.

our vision.

Our vision is to provide a platform to kickstart up and coming artists while creating products that do good for the world.

our story.

The IMPAPER story originates in the summer of 2014, originally ran as a business called Dolch Designs, a hobby art print business Christine Phan started after not being able to find graphic prints to decorate her room with that matched her aesthetic and budget. Kevin tagged along and helped out. As 18 year olds at the time, little did they know what they were getting into, and after launching a website and participating in an in-person festival that summer, to their delighted surprise, they had a few customers and a few hundred dollars later were in the black.

Since day one, we set out with a goal to build a business that could help to solve problems and play our part in creating a better world. Summer of 2015 comes around, and we waved goodbye to Dolch Designs and IMPAPER was officially born out of a passion for design, stationery and giving back. We believed that business should be used as a force for good.

We also believed that in a world of growing digital transformation, that paper goods played an important role in staying connected and keeping things human. Greeting cards especially, played an important role in our relationship. Our playbook expanded to greeting cards, bookmarks and other stationery goods and it’s no surprise to us that we found a home in greeting cards. There’s a reason why people keep shoe boxes of greeting cards they received, people saving text messages or emails? Not so much.

We’re building the future do good stationery company – crafting good, sharing good, and operating good with good purpose & impact.
The outcome? Today, IMPAPER has grown to be a small team with a big vision, a product line of over 400 products, and with products carried in over 250 retailers across North America. 

Christine Phan & Kevin Nguyen, Co-Founders


purchase with purpose.

IMPAPER is a social enterprise that incorporates sustainable and responsible practices into our daily actions. From making real-life social contributions to making sure that our paper products have minimal impact on carbon footprint, our commitment to you is that you can trust our company to reflect these values. We measure our success by the scale of impact we have on the world.

Our products

paper is here to stay.

In a digital world, there’s something special about receiving a physical card with a handwritten note, cozying up to a good book, feeling and seeing physical art, and putting pen to paper that can’t be replaced. And that’s what we’re all about. Keeping things human.

Our Designers

we ❤️ independent designers.

On top of designing cards in-house by our team, we support designers and artists by providing a platform to kickstart up-and-coming artists and showcase their work. We also share a portion of sales directly with our designers. See our designers.

With your support

our impact.

For every product purchased, Impact Paper makes a contribution towards a specific cause to help improve the lives of others. We aim to empower our customers to create a better future for those in need. By purchasing our products, you’re supporting a better today, a better tomorrow and a better life for someone.


Meals Provided


Trees Planted


Vaccines Given


Litres of Clean Water

& more!

Thousands of $ to Health, Dog Rescue, Veterans

the organizations we love supporting.

We have a responsibility to advocate for a better world and to leave the world in a better place than we found it. In order to do so, we give to a wide variety of established non-profits and humanitarian organizations around the world to help support our efforts in environmental conservation, fighting poverty, hunger, human rights and more. 


“Peace and Prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future”

Our giving model takes a global approach and are aligned to the United Nations’ 

Our sleeves are rolled up, our socks are pulled up, and we’re ready to push the envelope in doing good business.

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