Vivian Liang

From: Toronto, Ontario

Bio: I am an illustrator from Toronto. My work revolves around familiar experiences in the lives of people and my own. Currently, I love working digitally on Photoshop or Procreate! When I’m not working digitally, I love to experience with different materials and collage elements together. I do both realistic and non-realistic art pieces, but as of late, I love making quirky little characters with faces that are inspired by older cartoon styles.

In April of 2020, I graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelor of Design in Illustration.

Cards: This card collection showcases the kind of work I have been doing as of late. I have included characters like my dog, Bobby, who constantly makes an appearance in my work. The cards are meant to be fun, quirky, decorative and exciting to look at. Some are more detailed than others, which makes it all so much more of a great card to give to others!

Vivian's cards