Anna Schroeder


From: Edmonton, Alberta

Bio: Part web designer part hand-letterer, I’m always thinking up another idea to craft into bold messages like the one’s you see below. I gather my inspiration from stories, experiences, and words of all kinds…whether that be my Bible, Spotify, or the packaging of my take-out dinner!

In April of 2020, I graduated from MacEwan University with a BDes (Bachelor of Design) with a focus in UX/UI and brand identity, but hand-lettering continues to be one of my favourite creative outlets to explore.

Cards: This card collection embodies the typographical treatment I tend to apply to my hand-lettering— from peppy colours to textured flourishes. When writing a card it can be hard to form the right words, so I wanted this collection to bring you some fun and unique ways of relating to that special someone!

Fun fact: each card in this collection is based on the same circular grid for added cohesiveness and consistency—can you see it?

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Anna's cards